Paradise Found

Located centrally at the coast of Nongsa, Costaluna offers a respite from the ordinary for both settlers and travellers alike. Be charmed by rustic luxury in the tropics, nestled within a fast developing technopolis. What a wonderful juxtaposition of modern living in nature.

With Nongasapura Ferry Terminal at its doorstep, a trip to Singapore is just a swift 35 minutes ride. And despite its exclusive bayside location, Costaluna is very much connected to the world. It is anchored in a super complex next to Nongsa Digital Economy Hub and Movie Town. The former is a township and community of digital start-ups and tech entrepreneurs, while the latter is a movie production facility by Infinite Studios Singapore, known for its highly-acclaimed film & TV series such as Serangoon Road, Westworld, Buffalo Boys and Crazy Rich Asians.

Discover Costaluna!

We offer premium villas & suites — everything comes with unique amenities, specifically designed for you to start your journey of self-enrichment, self-discovery and self-love.

Designed as a tropical escapade in the midst of Nongsa Special Economic Zone, Costaluna is nestled at the heart of Batam’s most coveted location. Close to nature, close to opportunities, close to international access, close to strategic business districts and yet far from the ordinary.

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Not just a vacation home or an investment property. It’s both.


Whether you’re checking in or checking out, it’s a win-win. Check in and pamper yourself, enjoy our amenities and soak in the panoramic beauty of Nongsa. And when you check out, start earning high yield ROI from your property, make money while you’re away.


Our offerings come with luxurious services & facilities. Everything is taken care of and managed by a highly-experienced management team. Your property will be cleaned, maintained & serviced regularly so it will always be ready upon your visit!


Nongsa area is part of a major national agenda for both Indonesia and Singapore. Costaluna is located next to Nongsa Digital Economy Hub and Movie Town — with extremely strategic access to Singapore via Nongsapura Ferry Terminal. Invest early in a property with the most promising location in Batam.